Just Pray

Today marks six months since I left South Africa and the kids from Ratang Bana have been on my mind more than ever this week.

Would you join me in praying for these precious kids by name? RB Prayer Guide

Downloadable PDF: Ratang Bana Prayer Guide


Four years ago this month I was returning from my very first trip to Africa. I spoke with my friend Martin in Uganda yesterday and got an update on Joel. (If you don’t know the story about Joel, click here). I found out that Martin has moved Joel out of his grandmother’s house in the village and into Bethany Village, where he will receive a better education and healthcare and, once approved, will be able to live in a home with Martin’s mother and several other children. This is exactly where I would want Joel to be. It is not just an orphanage, it is a home with a mother and siblings. Martin told me “God put in me this undying passion for Joel too. You will be amused how bright the young lad is.”

Joel Dec 2010

I knew that God had a better plan for Joel than adoption, and am so grateful that He gave Martin an unexplainable love for that sweet boy, who turns EIGHT next month!

Will you pray for favor for Joel and Martin as they work to get him approved to live in Bethany Village full-time? 

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