These Days Lately


ANTICIPATING turning 30 in a few months. It is coming – sooner rather than later – and I’m not sure I am ready for it or if I even need to worry about it.

NEEDING more human interaction. Atlanta is a city that is widespread and, unfortunately, so are many of my friends. This is not sufficient for someone whose love language is quality time.

LOOKING forward to the Orphanology class that I’ve begun at a local church. The honesty and vulnerability that I have seen regarding the struggles and issues and joys that come with adoption and orphan care have already challenged me greatly.

LOVING my new Dyson vacuum cleaner. I have a reputation for breaking vacuum cleaners (I’ve broken at least four in my lifetime) so here’s hoping the infamous Dyson can stand the test of time!

REMEMBERING my trip to Europe back in 2008 with my sister and best friend. I recently flipped through my photo book from our trip and it brought to mind so many priceless memories. I think its time for another adventure!

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MAPPING OUT some artwork for my dining room. Literally. I’m framing sections of maps.

DECIDING which church to attend. I’ve lived in Atlanta for almost a year and still have not settled on a church. There are so many churches here, and having been a pastor’s kid all of my life (i.e. I’ve never really “church shopped” before), I’ve had to really figure out what is most important to me in a church. It’s not easy, I tell ya.

STOCKING my pantry with groceries in the hopes that (fingers crossed) I get snowed in for a day or two.

FEELING nostalgic about the good ole college days after having recently visited my alma mater, the University of Mobile. I loved everything about my experience at UM – the family atmosphere, the small classes, the unique learning opportunities I was given… I only hope everyone’s college experience is as fulfilling as mine was!


CHOOSING honesty. On more than one occasion in the past week I have admitted that I was acting like a brat and being incredibly stubborn.

…the first step is admission, right?

DREAMING of what my future holds. The edges of said dream are blurredly uncertain, but it sure is nice to dream.

CELEBRATING the wonderful news that Baki accepted Christ last week! Baki is an extremely intelligent and wonderfully sweet boy who came to Ratang Bana the last 3-4 months of my time there. His first few times at Ratang he captured my attention with his sweet laugh and vibrant personality. I was ecstatic to hear that he had accepted Christ, and believe the Lord is going to use him greatly in Alexandra Township!


PONDERING WEEPING over the words of Ann Voskamp regarding ISIS’ beheading of 21 “People of the Cross”. Please go read it.

Too long The People of the Cross have crusaded for safe lives, too long we’ve wished for comfortable lives, too long we’ve wanted easy lives of Vanilla Love instead of Cross-shaped Love.

But the People of the Cross — we are done with safe lives of comfort instead of living dangerous lives that speak of the comfort found in Real Love who hung on a Cross.”


… May we be true, unashamed People of the Cross, willing to sacrifice comfort and ease for the glory of God.

2 thoughts on “These Days Lately

  1. Thank you for sharing the faces and names of the children from Ratang Bana all months ago. Rejoicing over Baki’s Salvation and feeling so grateful for your life and how you showed those kiddos Christ in action. They will never forget you!
    Praying that you will continue to serve Him well.

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