Sisters Are Doin It for Themselves

So you keep all of your New Years Resolutions and give up sugar and carbs every year for Lent? Well, good for you.

No really, good on ya, mates. I am truly impressed. You’ve got what it takes to go all the way. As someone who has never once kept a resolution longer than a month or finished anywhere close to 40 days of Lent, I’m pretty sure you’ve got me beat.


A few weeks ago I was talking to my sister Erin about this very subject of resolutions, when we had an idea. What if we spent an entire year and – through purposeful addition and subtraction in several areas of our lives – took actual, practical steps to living a more intentional life. Not just a one-off, 40-day sacrifice, but an actual habit-forming, priority-shifting effort to focus on the things that matter. But with a lot less pressure than you’d think.

So we started to brainstorm. We thought about the many areas of our lives that could use improving, and we came up with twelve challenges – one for every month. Twelve different ways we could intentionally find balance in our hearts, our time, our health and our finances. And then, because we are suckers for a cheesy pun, we named each of them after a song.


So, drumroll please….
Here is our list of the #SistersInTransit 12 Monthly Challenges!


Monthly Challenge Card

Before each month begins, I’ll be assessing how the previous month’s challenge went for us and explaining the next month in more detail. And we’ll see what “sticks” as time goes on. Of course we’d love every one of these to stick around in some way or another, but some of them may be a lot easier than others. For instance, I’m in a Bible Study right now where I am challenged to read through a book of the Bible every week, so Month #9 hopefully won’t be too difficult for me. However, the thought of no television for a month, that’s one I’m already dreading. Maybe I should leave the country for awhile.

The good news is, Erin and I are beginning this exciting journey together TODAY! As I said, I’ll be blogging along the way, and you may even hear from Erin every now and then too. You guys are more than welcome to join us on this journey. And if you do, we’ll be here for you if you need us.  We’d love to encourage you, hold you accountable, and complain with you about caffeine headaches and how quiet life is without Netflix. We’re here for you. Plus, I’ll have a themed playlist ready and waiting at the top of each month to get you psyched about the challenge ahead.

First up, saying goodbye to processed sugar.

This means no desserts, sodas, tea, candy, etc.
And, now that I think about it, I’m questioning why we thought this would be a good challenge the month of EASTER. Ah well, onward and upward!

#SistersInTransit Playlist for Month #1: Goodnight Sweetheart

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16 thoughts on “Sisters Are Doin It for Themselves

  1. So excited about this. I know it’s going to be an uphill journey (some months more than others) but I’m praying that month by month, I see myself shaping more into the type of person I want to be. Thanks for taking the journey with me Hayley!!

  2. Go for it! Love this idea! I am going to talk to my sisters! I think when you do this sort of thing WITH someone who tells you the TRUTH, loves you without RESERVATION, and is open with the STRUGGLES – you’re more likely to adopt the habit! No social media for a month – think I’ll skip that one! Great idea and good luck!

  3. Okay, Hayley and Erin!! You started something great here, and Beccy Lanier and I are coming alongside in our own journey to a better “us.” When you get back on Facebook, you will see we are joining the pack of Sisters in Transit. We even titled our monthly sessions, since yours were so catchy! Thank you both for leading the charge to better habits and healthier lives. You two have inspired us all.

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