I’ll Be There For You

(*Clap Clap Clap Clap*)

Well we did it. Erin and I both exceeded the goals we set for ourselves for “Walk This Way” month, and we had fun doing so! Especially since this last week has been spent walking all over LA, Disneyland and San Diego! Not a bad way to get those steps in!

This next month, however, is a little more difficult to pinpoint than others will be because, just as in all relationships, there is no easy answer. If we had to summarize this month in one sentence, it would be: Prioritizing relationships through hospitality, quality time and thoughtful giving.

The most important thing is to make sure we are consistently choosing to put others ahead of ourselves. This can look like saying yes to invitations to lunch with friends rather than choosing to work through lunch or going to coffee with someone after work rather than staying home and watching Netflix. It could be choosing to call someone we haven’t talked to in a while, inviting guests over for dinner, or just sending a “Thinking of You” card to a loved one.

I am excited about reconnecting with several people this month. I always wish I was more thoughtful and purposeful than I am. I rarely pick up the phone to call someone other than my family, simply because I get caught up in life and rely on texting and social media to stay in touch with friends which, let’s be honest, isn’t the same. But I’m always glad when I do get to reconnect with someone on the phone or, even better, get to see them face-to-face. I mean, my love language is quality time.

There is no formula to this, we just encourage anyone who wants to join us to make an effort each day to invest in a relationship. We’ll all be better and happier because of it!

And let’s not forget the playlist!


Monthly Challenge Card

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