The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

I’m not going to lie, Month #3 was more demanding than I was expecting – demanding of my time and my wallet! I really had to get out of my comfort zone and think outside the box about how I could serve and be hospitable to others. It did, however, result in some much-needed catch up time with several people, which I am always grateful for, and was a fantastic reminder of the need to put others before myself.

But this next month is a little more nerve-racking.


Full disclosure: I’m one of those people who gets ready in the morning and falls asleep at night with FRIENDS, Parks & Rec or The Office on in the background. I literally rotate between those three shows, throwing in New Girl every now and then. It’s like white noise at the beginning and end of my day. So a month without any sort of television – Netflix, movies or otherwise – is going to be difficult. But I’m definitely up for the challenge.

I’ve already begun weening myself off of TV over the last week or so in preparation, and honestly, I think we should all make it a point to turn off the television more. Twenty-four hour news cycles just ensue stress and anger over stuff we cannot really change. Reality television brings unnecessary drama and judgment and the comparison game. Even the shows we love like FRIENDS and Parks & Rec provide a false sense of community. Overall, our lives would be better if we turned off the television and left our phones at home and went outside anyway.

So I’ve decided to look at this month as I probably should every month: 30 days—730 hours—of unlimited possibilities! I can finish my photo book from my time in South Africa (*cough* which was three years ago), finish reading The Run of His Life: The People vs. OJ Simpson, and can finally get around to filing all that paperwork! It won’t always be glamorous, but it will be productive, which I am actually really excited about.

Let’s do this! I have a feeling this playlist will come in handy in the silence of this month :)


Monthly Challenge Card


As always, let me know if you’re joining us!!

5 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

  1. This one is not really a hard one for me…I’ve only recently learned how to use the tv in our home with 4 separate remotes. So, unless someone else is watching, I’m usually not. But, you have definitely challenge me to be more productive. :)

  2. Agreed. Last month was challenging for me too and made me realize how often entire days can go by without me acknowledging anyone else… Sad and hard to admit but true. Overall, though, it definitely strengthened some relationships in my life that I am grateful for… This month, well, let’s just say my TV is mocking me already… No, Netflix, I said no!

  3. I love what you and your sister are doing. Do you blog during the month to give updates? Would love to read that. Not sure I am ready to give up TV, but am interested in some of the others coming up.

    1. We have been trying to blog at least one update during the month, usually written by Erin. We also have a Facebook group where those of us on this journey keep up with one another. If you want to join the Facebook group, let me know and I can add you!

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