Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Despite the fact that I was out of the country for two weeks this month, the challenge of only buying essentials has been a helpful and fairly easy way to save money. Turns out many of the things I buy aren’t really that necessary! Lesson learned.

That being said, I am going to try to keep this challenge going into August and as long as I can, simply because I don’t really need many of the things I think I need in the moment.

This challenge was also great practice for the next two months, where we will steer clear of caffeine and eating out. Because eating out isn’t exactly an essential, I did my best to eat at home as much as possible. One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that when I know that a challenge is coming up, I start preparing for the upcoming challenge in advance. For instance, before our month without television I began winding down my TV time a few weeks before, just so it wasn’t “cold turkey”. Can you tell I’m a planner?


How is it already Month 6! We’re almost halfway done and I feel like we just started this challenge!


No caffeine. That means chocolate, some teas, sodas, coffee, nothing.

This one is gonna be difficult, but I have full confidence that my B12 vitamins will get me through. At least we’re not in the cold months yet where I tend to replace meals with Starbucks seasonal lattes.

If you want to join us, you’re always welcome! Let me know and I’d be happy to add you to our little support group ;)

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