Hey Good Lookin’ Whatcha Got Cookin’

Coming to you half awake from a month of yawns, cranky mornings and lackluster.

In all reality, I never thought caffeine would be much of an issue for me. Although I love coffee, I don’t have to have a cup of coffee every morning; I’m actually more of an afternoon coffee drinker. But having absolutely no caffeine for 31 days has been harder than expected. Surprisingly, I have slept worse than ever this month. Unsurprisingly, I’ve had to warn and apologize to friends a lot more due to crankiness.



A Guest Post from the West Coast: But First, Coffee

Hello dear friends! It’s been a while since I guest blogged on here for Sisters In Transit. I’m excited to be back!

First, I have to say I’M SO PROUD OF US! Together, we’ve made it through the first six months of this journey, and I think we can all admit that’s longer than most of us have ever kept to any resolution (my current record, January 1 – February 4, pitiful). So hooray to us and to those of you who have joined us on this journey – Here’s a pat on the back and an “atta boy” for ya!

As a recap, this experiment started off as a conversation between Hayley and myself as we discussed friends giving things up for lent and new years resolutions. We wondered if over the course of a year, you made month-by-month intentional choices to better yourself, challenge yourself, or just examine yourself, you might find that you’re a different person at the end of the year than when you started. The key of course was determining what each months’ challenge would be, making sure they were diverse and covered multiple areas of our lives. The other important element was that there was no such thing as “failing”. It’s no pressure, so if you mess up one day you can pick right back up the next. The whole purpose was just to challenge yourself personally, whatever that may look like.

I honestly can’t believe how fast this first half has flown by. Some months have felt like they lasted much longer (I’m looking at you June and August) but overall we’ve been living with intention for half a year now, and I’ve learned so much!

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve gotten out of this journey – each month has definitely taught me much deeper things about myself, but here’s the tip of the iceberg:

Month 1: “Goodnight Sweetheart” – No Processed Sugar

This month taught me that my stubbornness can be used for good. I can convince myself that I don’t want something (that I really do) and it becomes immediately less appetizing. Since March, I’ve made a conscious decision to make sure any processed sugar is really worth it (like Sprinkles cupcakes) and not just something available to me (like a Snickers bar while running errands).

Month 2: “Walk This Way” – Walk at Least 75 Miles

One of my favorite months, for sure, since I love being outside in my beautiful California weather. I did, however, learn that very often I don’t even make time for the things I love, the things that make me better, because I get too bogged down in the day-to-day. Since this month, I’ve upped the exercise game and made time for “me” every day.

Month 3: “I’ll Be There For You” – Investing in Relationships

Man, I am a selfish person. Not that I don’t care about other people, I just tend to be much more task-oriented and focused on only what’s right in front of me. This month definitely challenged me. I would often get all the way to the end of a day and go “I didn’t do anything to connect with anyone else today!” It’s an area I have to keep working on, but that’s why we’re all in transit, right?

Month 4: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” – No TV

Ugh. Where do I begin? I still get anxiety discussing this month. Basically, I watch too much TV, I require too much external stimulation overall. That being said, I also need TV. I need an escape. I need to turn my brain off otherwise I can physically feel my busy brain as if there is a hive of bees in there! Diagnosis: “Netflix and chill” is a required prescription, but be careful not to become dependent on your drug of choice.

Month 5: “All About the Benjamins” – No Unneccessary Spending

I definitely saved money this month. This was a difficult but really good challenge, mostly because I had to find ways to distract myself from what I normally do when I finally get some down time – shop! It’s also very often that this kind of shopping leads me into buying things I don’t really need anyway. Lesson learned, Erin, get creative and you’ll have more money!

Month 6: “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” – No Caffeine

Is this over yet???? I do not drink much caffeine, I’m not much of a soda girl and California doesn’t believe in sweet tea, so that’s out. Basically it’s coffee. I have my one to one and a half cups every morning and that’s it, unless there is a random treat day at Starbucks (this usually happens during Pumpkin Spice Latte season… which starts now… when I’m not supposed to eat out… oh my gosh, what have I done?!) Bottom line: all that coffee memorabilia speaks truth.

So that’s me! Thanks again to all who are taking this journey with us, we’re loving our little group of Sisters! Leave a comment and let us know how the months have stacked up for you – but first, coffee.

Erin is an actress, producer, cupcake lover and proud mother of two dangerously co-dependent fur babies based in Los Angeles. Follow her adventures on Facebook and Instagram.


Month 7: Hey Good Lookin’ Whatcha Got Cookin’ 

This month we’re going to be doing a LOT of cooking because we’re not eating out! This won’t be easy, but I’ve been preparing all week by going out to lunch with friends and making that last trip to Chick-fil-A until October. As much as I’m not looking forward to piles of dishes (my least favorite thing), I am excited about the ability to become more of a meal planner and to get a little more creative in the kitchen!

Let us know if you want to join in! And turn up this month’s playlist while you’re slaving away in the kitchen :)



Monthly Challenge Card

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