Due to certain circumstances, there were a few occasions when I couldn’t keep the No Eating Out Rule this month, but overall it was a really great opportunity to learn a few new recipes and get more creative in the kitchen! I even used a Meal Planner I found online, which helped tremendously.

That doesn’t mean it all went smoothly, of course. The weekend my mom and Erin (author of Guest Posts from the West Coast and co-founder of #SistersinTransit) came to visit, we attempted to make homemade pizza.

Side note: We used to make pizza every Friday night when I lived in South Africa, so I was excited about making my favorite – bacon and avocado. However, I had completely forgotten about my mom’s yeast curse. Her entire life she has been unable to make yeast rise. In fact, when she and my dad came to visit me in SA, I made it a point to make the dough for our pizza night before they arrived, just to be safe!

Well, you guessed it. The yeast curse struck again. But it wasn’t just the fact that the yeast never rose. After we went to Publix to get some pre-made dough, we gathered all the ingredients and prepared the pizzas. They looked and smelled so yummy (exhibit A below). And we followed the instructions on the pre-made dough and the recipe I had exactly, but they still came out completely burnt on the bottom!


Anyway, all that to say, we won’t be trying homemade pizza again for awhile, and this month was challenging, but fun! And I think good preparation for this next month’s challenge!


Month 8:  Strawberry Fields Forever 

This month we’ll be enjoying our daily serving of fruits and vegetables! Whether you want to strive for having a fruit and/or a veggie every meal, or just making sure you have them at least one meal a day, the key is to make your plate as colorful as possible! Enjoy the playlist and let me know if you’ll be joining us this month!


Monthly Challenge Card

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