Has everyone been eating their fruits and veggies?? Sorry we’ve not checked in much this month… It’s been a bit crazy for us Sisters with me having my film New Life release in theaters this month and Hayley taking on a heap of new responsibilities at her job. As all of us know far too well, it’s so easy to let our busy lives get in the way of doing what’s good for us. That’s why this exercise of living with intention is so important. It’s a way to refocus, to give a sense of purpose to the months that may be a bit slow and give a sense of direction to the months that have us pulling our hair out. So with that said, I hope everyone enjoyed the yummy, healthy additions to their colorful plates this past month. This next month is less about what’s good for our bodies and more about what’s good for our soul…


Month 9: Be Thou My Vision

Not only is this probably my favorite hymn of all time, but it’s also the perfect title for a month that is all about shifting our gaze upward – to our relationship with God.  Through an intentional focus on time in prayer and time in His Word, we’ll hope to find perspective and focus as we enter into the crazed holiday season.

“Be Thou My Vision” is a two-part challenge with the first part centering on time in prayer. This month, we’re taking time each day to pray for someone specifically by name. It’s about an outward focus on praying for others rather than for ourselves. You may find it helpful to make a physical list of the people you plan to cover in prayer each day, or add a calendar reminder – whatever helps you remember! As we approach Thanksgiving, an awareness of the needs of others is also a great reminder to be grateful for the blessings in our own lives.

The second part of the challenge is time in the Word. I’m sure many of you have Bible studies that you regularly attend, but if you don’t or you’d like to add more daily study time to your plate, please do!  Hayley and I are going to be doing Women In the Word // New Testament from the site She Reads Truth.  It’s easy to follow along and you can download their app to do your daily reading right on your phone! Feel free to join us in this study and we can discuss what God is teaching us about Himself and His Word in our Facebook group.

I’m very much looking forward to diving into this month.  After what’s seemed like the most exhausting month of my life, it will be great to shift my energy toward being refreshed and renewed spiritually!

Don’t forget to check out this month’s Spotify playlist – it’s a good one!


Erin Bethea

Erin is an actress, producer, cupcake lover and proud mother of two dangerously co-dependent fur babies based in Los Angeles. Follow her adventures on Facebook and Instagram.




2 thoughts on “BE THOU MY VISION

  1. I love this song, too, Erin. My favorite version of it is by 4 Him. Praying your movie will touch many lives. Hope it’s out on DVD soon. Love you & Haley.

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