Month 9 was so great! I really enjoyed the She Reads Truth Women in the Word // New Testament study that we did. It is such a neat Bible study tool, right on your phone!

One of the biggest takeaways I got from the study was found in this description from Day 16 of Martha… “We know Martha as the ‘doer’ in this familiar passage from Luke 10. She opens her home and offers what she has to the Lord. She lets her sister Mary know, via a conversation with Jesus, what she expects of her. It doesn’t seem she’s being completely unreasonable either, at least not from what we see in Scripture. She isn’t walking around bitter and hostile, slamming pots and pans, rolling eyes and sighing loudly—behaving as a victim of her own standards and demanding everyone in earshot do the same. Not that I know anything about that. Ahem.”

“Behaving as a victim of her own standards.” That phrase has been resonating in my mind for days now. How often this is true of us! Martha was just trying to serve her Master well, yet no matter how well-intended she was, it was still distracting her from what is best for her. As the writer said, When the Messiah is sitting in your living room, the dirty dishes can wait.”

As you can see, it was an inspiring and convicting daily devotional that I’m so glad I did. And now it’s time to add another challenge to our day!


Month 10: Put on a Happy Face

This month we’re focusing on all of those morning and nighttime regimens that we have always wanted to implement, but just haven’t made a habit yet! This can include flossing, face masks, picking out your outfit for the next day, taking your vitamins, etc. Whatever it is you’d like to make a habit! Ashamedly, I’m starting with what should already be a basic nighttime regimen—removing my make up before I go to sleep every night.

Join us and let us know how you’re going to put on a happy face this month!




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