Well my dentist will be happy about last month, that’s for sure. I flossed more than I ever have! And my skin is finally starting to recover from all of the poking and prodding (face masks and drying oils and moisturizers). Overall I enjoyed the challenge a lot, because it wasn’t too difficult and didn’t take too much time, but it was really helpful and refreshing and good for me! I’m definitely going to try to keep it going, which will surely be easier than some of our other challenges!

However, it took a bit to figure out how I will handle this month’s challenge.


Month 11: Call Me Maybe

We’re taking a break from social media! For the most part, I feel like this can be done. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. I started with moving the social apps to the back page on my phone and turning off my notifications. However, while thinking through our strategy for this month, Erin and I couldn’t get around the fact that our careers require that we be on social media in some capacity. As the social media visual approver for NAMB, a Disney Travel Agent and the marketing volunteer for Women of Worth, I have a lot to keep up with. And Erin will have to continue to manage the social for New Life the Movie and her production company, Argentum Entertainment. That being said, we are going to keep it at bare minimum – only checking and posting on our work accounts…with one exception. This weekend we’re heading to New York City for a girls’ trip with our Mom, so you may hear from us a bit while we’re there! Otherwise we’re going off the grid.

So here’s to more face-to-face conversations and real community!

Happy New Year!!!  

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