First off, let me say that this month was by far the most surprising challenge for me. The thought of staying off of social media was pretty scary. In a typical day, I’d check my social media apps every morning before I got up, when I got home from work, and before I went to sleep at night. *cough* waste of time *cough*

But I cannot tell you what a relief it has been to step away from all of that white noise. I have had so much more time and personal communication with people! When I didn’t know what was going on in someone’s life, I was forced to reach out and ask them how they’re doing. Imagine that!

I’ve always heard how great it is to take a break from social media, but I didn’t really believe it until I did it for myself, and now you can consider this me telling you to DO IT. I promise you won’t regret it. Go. Live your life. Who cares if everyone knows what you’re doing or if you know what everyone else is doing—just enjoy it! Stop comparing your life to someone else’s filtered/edited life. Turn off the notifications. Move the apps to the last page of your phone. Limit yourself.

High Point of this Month’s Challenge: Not being on social media during the inauguration and first few days of our current President.

Low Point: When the town that I grew up in and lived in for 20+ years was hit by two different tornadoes in a matter of days. The devastation, from what I understand, is pretty terrible. I still haven’t really seen many photos, because I’ve been relying on my parents and a few friends to keep me up to speed. But just know that Albany/Southwest Georgia definitely needs your prayer and support!


Month 12: We Can Work It Out

This final month we are focusing on advancing our careers. Whether that’s learning a new skill, honing in on a skill we’d like to improve, reading a book, sending an email… whatever it is that we can do every day to learn and grow in our professions.

I’m starting by spending a week in Southern California managing a team of photographers at a conference, which is a first for me. I’ll also be spending a day at Disneyland because I’m a Disney Travel Agent so that’s actually work for me! Ha! 


And now, a note from the other sister…

This snuck up on me. It’s kind of hard to believe that we are already heading into the final month of this year-long journey toward living intentionally. Sisters in Transit has been many things – challenging, educational, frustrating, fun, overwhelming, enlightening, encouraging, and stressful. Above all though, I think more than anything it has provided perspective.

Turns out, things that I thought would be hard are easy – like this no social media month (more on that later). And things that I thought would be easy are hard – like no caffeine and, if I’m being totally honest, hospitality month (I am very self involved, as it turns out…). Overall, I have gained so much insight into myself. I now have a better understanding of what’s really important to me personally, what’s hard for me to do and why that is or is not a good thing. It’s helped me acknowledge things I need to continue to work on to help me become the person I really want to be. It’s also helped me accept that some things I thought I needed to change about myself are actually okay.

This last month probably surprised me the most. I am a MUCH happier, more productive person without social media in my life. Those of you who do follow me, I actually hope you’ll see much less from me in the future. I often think of social media as a great place to interact, update people on my life, etc. As it turns out, the endless scrolling through social media ends up mostly being unproductive (unless you count playing the comparison game, rolling my eyes at the posts I don’t agree with and getting riled up on the soap box of the ones I do… is that progress??). Less social media is something we could all probably use, especially with the state of the world today. Let’s post less and talk more. Let’s have real human interactions over dinner or cups of coffee with friends or strangers (cuz no caffeine is a no-go for this gal).

I’m so grateful that Hayley and I brainstormed up this crazy experiment on the phone one afternoon. I’m grateful that the most creative, goal-oriented gal I know took this journey with me. I learned a lot of from her and I couldn’t have done it without a partner to process through it together.

I’m excited about the next month – there are SO MANY personal career things I need to get working on that I just put off for other projects. I especially need to step it up in this area since I just made a huge move and life change to pursue better career opportunities. But before I call my manager and update my resume, there’s one more thing… Whether we’ll plan out another year of Sisters in Transit remains to be seen. What do you guys think? Have you participated or followed along? What did you learn? Should we continue the journey?

Okay, I’m off to research headshot photographers…


Enjoy this last playlist (my favorite) and let’s get to work!

3 thoughts on “WE CAN WORK IT OUT

  1. I loved it since it was challenging and that the challenge lasted long enough for me to learn more about myself, but it didn’t get boring because there was always the next month. I could start all over again by myself, but I really liked that I was not alone each month. :) So, thank you for putting it out there for us! If you decide to continue I will, too!! Also, I am going to tweak this month…instead of working on my career, I am going to work on my ministry! (one of my unpaid jobs!!) Can’t wait because I KNOW I need intentionality in this area!!

  2. Since I just now joined in about the time you began “Be Thou My Vision”, I’m actually going to continue with the rest of the months/challenges to come. This past month helped me to put my phone down and to be more productive professionally and personally. So, I’m looking forward to continuing this journey. It’s already helped so much! Hope you all do continue the journey, as well, and I will be glad to join you along the way!

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