The Unknowable Future at My Doorstep

If you know me or have read my blog over the past few years, you know that several years ago the Lord placed a passion for orphan care on my heart, which I believe started when I truly realized the weight of my Dad’s adoption story and was even more accelerated once Joel entered my life back in 2010. Since then, I’ve done what I can to support Joel in Uganda, advocate for orphan care ministries, encourage families during their adoption process and share Jesus with orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa.

This journey has been a long road that, when I look back, I can see exactly how God has gently guided me every step of the way. Then last year, after spending the past couple of years working through a weighty reentry and settling into life in a new city, I found myself living alone in a 3-bedroom house. And He began to remind me—with quiet whispers—of His calling on my life.

So I began to pray, and then I began to research. And in my prayers and research, I found that He was calling me to something I hadn’t ever really considered—foster care. I hadn’t considered it, partly because I didn’t know as much about it as I do adoption, but mostly because I wasn’t sure I could do it. The thought of opening up my heart to someone who might call me “mommy” for only a short time, or might resent me because I am not their mommy scared me. The thought of potentially delaying the permanent adoption of a child so that I can support and encourage family reunification concerned me. And the concept of helping struggling parents learn how to be better parents, terrified me. I have never been a parent, how can I be expected to teach someone else how to be one?? 


He’s always on time.

“I always questioned if I was ready to adopt and then I realized no child was ready to be an orphan.” — Unknown

God swooped in to my internal, fear-driven dialogue and reassured me that of course I am scared and of course I cannot handle it on my own, but I am not alone in this! I may feel unqualified and unprepared, but what He is asking is that I just be there for these children—love them, show them Jesus, encourage them to grow and learn and make wise decisions, hold them when they’re hurting, show them grace, be silly with them, make them feel safe. After all, I should be the one to step out of my comfort zone, so that these children can find a place of comfort. They deserve it. Besides, we will have a family consultant and social worker and ministry leader and therapist and pediatrician and respite families and, most importantly, a gracious Heavenly Father to help us. We aren’t alone!

I know there will be days when I fail. I am going to say the wrong thing or react too quickly. I am going to be easily offended. I cannot expect perfection. I will have to pick my battles. But He has called me to love these children, no matter how long they are in my care. This may be the only chance they get to go to church, read the Bible and hear who Jesus is and what He has done for them. What is more important than that?!

All of this to say, I need your prayers and support. I have finished all of my paperwork, home studies and training and am currently waiting on the state to approve me, which could happen tomorrow or it could happen in 2 weeks. The whirlwind of it all is pretty paralyzing as I wait and wait but cannot do much else. So ultimately, I need your prayers. This entire journey is going to be a lesson in patience, unconditional love and selflessness. I need heaping doses of each. Practically, I need supplies and books and toys and clothes (I’m starting from scratch here). I don’t know what age or gender my first placement will be (anywhere from 3-11), so this can be limiting, but if you feel called to help in any way—and that definitely includes parenting and fostering advice—feel free to message me or comment below!

Also, I’ve got an Amazon Wish List going, if you’re looking for an easy and practical way to help.

The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing when it comes together for a purpose, and I am humbled that He has called me to play a small part in this purpose!

“Every day God invites us on the same kind of adventure. It’s not a trip where He sends us a rigid itinerary, He simply invites us. God asks what it is He’s made us to love, what it is that captures our attention, what feeds that deep indescribable need of our souls to experience the richness of the world He made. And then, leaning over us, He whispers, ‘Let’s go do that together.’” ― Bob Goff 

If you have time, please educate yourself and watch the videos below for an accurate portrayal of children placed in the foster system.

Part One: 

Part Two:

14 thoughts on “The Unknowable Future at My Doorstep

  1. I am praying for you and ALL the kids who will be a part of your life because of this!! Blessings to all!! I love your heart!!

  2. So happy for you! You will be a natural Mommy☺️

    Your little one will be so blessed to have you for a snuggle bunny😍

  3. My parents were foster parents for several years when I was 10-11 years old and it was a very challenging time, yet rewarding. To this day I have contact with a few of the foster kids and it’s been crazy to see how their own lives and stories have unfolded now as adults. We may not be a permanent part of their lives, but instrumental in their journey of life. They don’t forget each step of the way and how you’ve treated them even for a short time. One of my foster siblings (who we were just respite care for, but often enough) is now a huge community leader in her area and overcame addiction. She never got adopted; in fact all her siblings were adopted except her. She aged out alone. It could have been a horrible ending, but important foster families she had in the past and mentors around her kept her thriving through her trials. She made it out of what was surely a devastating outcome down the road for her. She’s now married and living a fruitful life. She’s gotten to speak out about aging out and rising above circumstances at different conferences. Basically…. what you’re entering into is MESSY (which is putting it lightly at times), but with love and caring, even for a short time, it matters to these kids in the long run. It’s worth it.

  4. I applaud your obedience to God’s calling on your life. I was adopted by my Dad. My birth father abandoned my mother and me shortly after my birth, I am told. Had it not been for the abundant love my Dad had for my mom and me, I would not be the woman I am today. So, yes, take courage and make a difference in the lives of little ones in need of love and a firm foundation in life. You will be loved for it.

    P.S. I will be happy to help support your efforts – through prayer and whatever means I can.

  5. You can’t know how these videos affect me. Tears streaming down my face. Such parallels to my life. I remember the foster homes I was in and out of, up to the age of 16. It’s going to be hard but you can do this and you’ll be a great influence on the children you have. They’ll remember you and everything you do for them and, while you may not always see the difference you make this side of heaven…. be assured, you’ll make a huge difference. You’ll be a priority in my prayers.

  6. Haley, just be you, allow God to be God, and you will rock this thing called foster care!! Praying for you and the children to come. God bless! Melissa

  7. Hayley, I am so proud of you!! You have always had a special heart and love for children, I know God will use you in a big way! You will be able to impact these precious children with Gods Word and His unconditional love! I think HE has chosen the right girl!! I’m so glad to hear you are still in touch with your Joel! I will commit to praying for Gods timing and for the future children He places in your life! I would love to send you some things! Send me your address!
    Lots and lots of prayers and love to you!! ❤️

  8. Hayley,
    Wow! I am so excited for each and every child who will come into your care in the coming days and future! What a blessing you will be! Let God lead and know that we’ll keep you and those in your care in our prayers. God bless! :)

  9. Hayley! I love this post and am delighted about the direction God is guiding you! Could you please also update my email address for your blog to Thank you.I hope all is going well back in Georgia in JESUSTimothy

  10. So happy for you Haley and will pray for you everyday as you show unconditional love and see these kids through the eyes of Jesus!

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