“She felt sure that it was a call, and that anyone who heard that call would want to obey it and (what’s more) would be able to obey it, however many worlds and ages lay between.” – C.S. Lewis, ‘The Magician’s Nephew’



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[current soundtrack]:  
“jesus is king” and “jesus is born” by kanye and the sunday service choir, “divisionary [do the right thing]” by ages and ages, “don’t ask me why” by great caesar, “blessings” by chance the rapper

[script]:  about time, harry potter, love actually, dead poets society

[library]:  same kind of different as me by ron hall & denver moore, kisses from katie by katie davis, love does by bob goff, the chronicles of narnia by cs lewis, the harry potter series by jk rowling, i don’t wait anymore by grace thornton, son of hamas by mosab yousef

[shade]:  black

[inspiration]:  bravery

[mantra]:  “the world is not in your maps and books. it’s out there.” – gandalf

[love]:  travel, christmas, orphan care, museums, africa, sushi, quality time, interior design, bookstores, coffee shops, italy, israel, good quotes, netflix

[hate]:  injustice, entitlement, inconsideration, thoughtlessness, insecurity, lack of communication

[purpose]:  to be a prime example of god’s love, continually molding myself to his will

[believe]:  in jesus christ as redeemer and saviour

[origin]:  texas

[escape]:  travel and netflix and weekends in the mountains

[perfection]:  a white christmas with my family

[challenge]:  to think of others before myself

[dinner party]:  cs lewis, abraham lincoln, lin manuel miranda, jimmy fallon & justin timberlake (together), moses, bob goff, jk rowling

[shining moment]:  moving to africa

[humblest moment]:  becoming a foster mom

[want to be]:  always learning, improving and loving harder

[wildest dream]:  to travel the world and meet fascinating people

[childhood ambition]:  to be a teacher so i could have the summers off. maybe i was smarter than i thought…

[bucket list]:  very long… learn a foreign language, be in prague at christmas, hot air balloon sunrise safari, and many, many more

[dream destination]:  iceland/thailand/the maldives/greece/prague

[pet peeve]:  sitting in a room full of people staring at their cell phones

[now]:  foster mom; social media manager at the north american mission board

[are]:  8w9

[like]:  laughing till i cry