These Days Lately

THESE DAYS LATELY I’M… ANTICIPATING turning 30 in a few months. It is coming – sooner rather than later – and I’m not sure I am ready for it or if I even need to worry about it. NEEDING more human interaction. Atlanta is a city that is widespread and, unfortunately, so are many of my friends. This … More These Days Lately

Look Up.

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller ______________________________________________________ Africa awakened something inside of me. Okay, lots of things. But one thing I guess I wasn’t really expecting was a greater longing for adventure. You may think that I had a pretty good sense of adventure already since I up and moved … More Look Up.

Just 10 Favorites

Favorites 1. Seasonal Activities: Reading on a blanket in a Park {Spring}; Pool Day {Summer}; Bonfire {Fall}; Christmas Lights {Winter} 2. Book: Tie between Same Kind of Different As Me and Love Does.     Series: Harry Potter. {I love you Severus Snape} 3. Movie: Love Actually. {But you need to watch it on television, if you know what I mean} 4. … More Just 10 Favorites