Nouvelle Vie Set Visit

I recently had the privilege of visiting the set of Nouvelle Vie with my friend and co-worker Meredith (who is helping with music selection for the film). She and I traveled to Indiana together for a chance to go behind-the-scenes on a film I’ve been anticipating since the first time I read the script two and a half years … More Nouvelle Vie Set Visit

Just 10 Facts

FACTS: 1. Since college I have worked at three different SBC ministries as a Graphic Designer, Advertising Associate, Writer and Photographer. This just proves that, no matter what I may claim, I truly am a Southern Baptist. My father is a Southern Baptist Preacher, I worked for 6 years at a Southern Baptist Church and for the past … More Just 10 Facts

The Cost.

21 days left in Africa, people. Twenty. One. I can’t even figure out what that means for me. Questions swarm my mind as I wonder what comes next and I remember the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire. “The Lord went ahead of them. He guided them during the day with a pillar … More The Cost.

Back in the RSA

Well, I’m back in South Africa after two months in the States! Thanks to my US government tax return, I was able to visit friends and family in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Nevada, and a large portion of California’s coast this summer. I worshiped (and did a little work) at Sherwood, saw Celine Dion in … More Back in the RSA

Cape Town

Last week we went on a short holiday to Cape Town. The views from Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope were overwhelmingly beautiful. I’ve never seen anything so stunning as the deep blue waves crashing onto that rocky shore at the bottom of the world. The entire trip felt like a profound exhale. … More Cape Town