Month 9 was so great! I really enjoyed the She Reads Truth Women in the Word // New Testament study that we did. It is such a neat Bible study tool, right on your phone! One of the biggest takeaways I got from the study was found in this description from Day 16 of Martha… “We know Martha … More PUT ON A HAPPY FACE


Has everyone been eating their fruits and veggies?? Sorry we’ve not checked in much this month… It’s been a bit crazy for us Sisters with me having my film New Life release in theaters this month and Hayley taking on a heap of new responsibilities at her job. As all of us know far too well, … More BE THOU MY VISION

All About the Benjamins

This month without television has been incredibly productive and incredibly quiet. I organized my filing cabinet, polished my dining room table and cleared out the cobwebs on my back porch all on that first Saturday morning without television. I read I Don’t Wait Anymore by Grace Thornton (incredible! highly recommended!), re-read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and am about … More All About the Benjamins