Leaves of Hope

Is it me or has this season of flannel, fallen leaves and ­pumpkin spice everything snuck up on us this year? Maybe it’s because I’ve been celebrating my Mom’s birthday in Italy for the past two weeks (more on that later), but it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already next week! Regardless, my favorite season is upon us, and … More Leaves of Hope

Just 10 Favorites

Favorites 1. Seasonal Activities: Reading on a blanket in a Park {Spring}; Pool Day {Summer}; Bonfire {Fall}; Christmas Lights {Winter} 2. Book: Tie between Same Kind of Different As Me and Love Does.     Series: Harry Potter. {I love you Severus Snape} 3. Movie: Love Actually. {But you need to watch it on television, if you know what I mean} 4. … More Just 10 Favorites

Just 10 Facts

FACTS: 1. Since college I have worked at three different SBC ministries as a Graphic Designer, Advertising Associate, Writer and Photographer. This just proves that, no matter what I may claim, I truly am a Southern Baptist. My father is a Southern Baptist Preacher, I worked for 6 years at a Southern Baptist Church and for the past … More Just 10 Facts

Back in the RSA

Well, I’m back in South Africa after two months in the States! Thanks to my US government tax return, I was able to visit friends and family in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Nevada, and a large portion of California’s coast this summer. I worshiped (and did a little work) at Sherwood, saw Celine Dion in … More Back in the RSA

Looking Forward

I leave two weeks from Sunday (that’s 16 days!) for an adventure of a lifetime in South Africa! I’m not gonna lie, at this point I’m excited but more-so just overwhelmed at how much there is to do before I leave! The Lord’s timing is perfect, and He has provided a roommate this year as … More Looking Forward